The Galleries

Artistic images of succulents adapted to store life giving water.
Landscape photography where water is the dominate feature.
Spirit of Light, a gallery of camera painting photographs.

Spirit of Light



Abstract concepts by extraction from the whole image or subject. Let your mind wander and develop your own interpretation.

Abstracts and Minimalism

Amusing and engaging images of dogs being a dogs in beautiful natural light.

Be the Dog

Images along the Central California Coast from Pismo Beach to Moss Landing in Montery County.

Central California Coast

Images were selected three or more times to be featured in Fine Art America groups.

FAA Featured Images

Fall colors in the western United States from September to November.

Colors of Autumn

Composites of photographs by blending textures and/or digital painting, creating

Photographic Art

Photographic art creations of wild birds in natural environments.

Birds of A Feather

Artistic photographic images of wildlife.


Recreational athletic, sport and action images.

Action & Sport Photos

Natural light photography of domestic, sport, and wild horses.

Horse Art

From dilapidated to modern, photographic images of man-made objects such as buildings and machines.


Wonderful, glorious trees.  Love your carbon consuming, oxygen producing, planet saving trees.  Hug a tree today!


Photographic images of walls, window, and doors.  A variety of shapes and condition.

Walls, Windows, Doors

Photographs that capture the beauty of the countryside or land for thier aesthetic allure and charm.


Flying Z photography

Photographic Art and the Spirit of Light

                                                             by Zayne Diamond

Professional portraits for business,corporate, executives, casual, website, and social media needs.

Head Shots


Natural light casual portrait photography of people, dogs and horses.


Photographs of the Southwestern part of the United States.


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